About Cyrene™

Welcome to the world of Cyrene. Festive, bright, and versatile, these LED lamps illuminate your home, pool, or landscape. Made with premium materials and a passion for design, Cyrene adapts to your needs for luminosity or ambiance with a bluetooth enabled app to control the colors and brightness of your lamp.

Cyrene™ was designed by award-winning engineers and designers in 2022. We use the highest quality materials including FDA approved, food grade silicone and a USB-rechargeable lithium ion battery.

We designed Cyrene™ to be used anywhere. It’s portable, durable, and waterproof. We use Cyrene™ in our at-home yoga studio, as a night-light for our kids, and floating in the spa for a little added ambiance. We can’t wait to see where you’ll use Cyrene™.


Cyrene™ LED Lamp floating in pool at night